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The firm's design are research based and has been published extensively and internationally. Dr. Yeang has been awarded the Malaysian Institute of Architects Gold Medal, the Government of Malaysia's Merdeka Award and (BCA) Singapore Green Mark Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Firm's principals are Tengku Robert Hamzah and Dr. Ken Yeang. The firm has been in existence since 1975 with its HQ in Malaysia. Its other offices are Ken Yeang Design International (UK) and North Hamzah-Yeang Architecture Engineering Design Co.Ltd.(China).

What differentiates the firm is its hyper green architecture and ecomasterplanning that goes beyond rating sustems(such as Green Mark and LEED, Platinum). The firm integrates designed systems benignly and seamlessly with the natural environment. This pioneer comprehensive ecoarchitecture is described in several monographs in www.amazon.com

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